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Jon'a Joiner Temerity

[deh-lahn] - a faithful and confident being

Delon Candles is a luxury home fragrance brand inspired by love and the journey toward self-empowerment and creating healing spaces. 


Candles are a great way to light up a dark space. In the same way, we believe people are called to be the light in dark spaces. Igniting the senses in this way can have such a calming and relaxing effect. Setting the atmosphere, and the mood. 

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About the Founder

Jon'a is a wellness educator, lifelong griever, and the founder of Drink First Then Pour, which helps high-achieving women set boundaries, manage grief, and show up as their best selves. 

Jon’a discovered aromatherapy as a way to manage grief after experiencing devastating losses, including the passing of her husband, grandmother, and aunt. Soon after, aromatherapy became an important part of her journey toward holistic healing and wellness. 


Delon Candles, named after her late husband, was born out of Jon'a's love for products that not only look, smell and feel good, but also warm the heart and feed the soul. Every Delon Candle scent is intentional, and has a story and emotion behind it. 

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